Sadashige Ishida

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More bubbles and curvatures here. [Source code]


About Me

Wecome! I research computer graphics and differential geometry with focus on physics-based animation and optimization problems arising from nature (e.g. Plateau’s problem that asks the area-minimizing configurations of soap films) respectively. My research motivations are to make mathematical models that express fascinating natural phenomena and to open up new mathematical problems. Currently, I am working on developing a model for describing the dynamics of soap films, and for computationally solving Plateau’s problem, in collaboration with Toshiya Hachisuka, Ryoichi Ando, and Masafumi Yamamoto. As an algorithm designer, I have developed algorithms for analyzing and visualizing microscopic data (e.g. Surface reconstruction from noisy point cloud data of objects obtained by STORM super resolution microscopy) and have written related patents. I’m actively interested in a career in which I can make mathematical models for physics-based animation or can develop a physics/VFX pipeline.

Fields of interest


A Hyperbolic Geometric Flow for Evolving Films and Foams
Sadashige Ishida, Masafumi Yamamoto, Ryoichi Ando, Toshiya Hachisuka
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017)
Concept: A reformulation of soap film dynamics as a hyperbolic geometric flow.

Softwares and Demos

Evolving curves under different curvature flows.
[Brouser demo]
[Video (Youtube)]
[Source code (JavaScript)]
Bouncing particles in 2D.
[Video (Youtube)]
[Source code (C++)]
Stickers for LINE app.
In Japanese. It costs 120 yen (1 dollar approximately).
[Line app store]
Soap film dynamics (Available soon).
Stable Fluids (Available soon).
Tiny bubbles' action in 2D (Available soon).

Working Experience and Education



Computer Related Natural Languages
Japanese (native), English (advanced), French (intermediate), German (elementary), Finnish (elementary)