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More bubbles and geometric flows here. [Source code]


About Me

Welcome to my page! I research mathematics, physics, and computer simulation with focus on dynamics and geometry appearing in nature. My research motivations are to make mathematical models that express fascinating natural phenomena, and analyze/use these models to explore the mechanisms of nature. Previously, I was a game developer and made algorithms for animation and visual effects. Prior to that, I had developed algorithms for super-resolution microscopy and semiconductor lithography.

Research interests


A Model for Soap Film Dynamics with Evolving Thickness
Sadashige Ishida*, Peter Synack*, Fumiya Narita, Toshiya Hachisuka, Chris Wojtan
*joint first authors (alphabetical order)
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2020)
Concept: A mathematical model for surface deformation and thickness evolution of soap films.
A Hyperbolic Geometric Flow for Evolving Films and Foams
Sadashige Ishida, Masafumi Yamamoto, Ryoichi Ando, Toshiya Hachisuka
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017)
Concept: A reformulation of soap film dynamics as a hyperbolic geometric flow.


Weak solutions of the semigeostrophic equations from a viewpoint of optimal transport
Sadashige Ishida
Description: A survey of the works of Figalli [2018] and of Benamou and Brenier [1998] on an application of optimal transport to the semigeostrophic equations.
Introduction to compressed sensing
Sadashige Ishida and Raimundo Saona
Description: Teaching materials of lectures on compressed sensing at IST Austria in 2020 (as a part of the mathmatics track core course).
A goal of the lectures was to explain the result of Candes, Romberg, and Tao [2004].

Softwares and Demos

Evolving curves under different curvature flows.
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Working Experience / Education


Japanese (native), English (advanced), French (intermediate), German (elementary), Finnish (elementary)